How to recover important data in a defective or dead SATA Hard disk drive?

hello guys..
Please lend me a helping hand in recovering IMPORTANT data in my seagate barracuda 7200.12 (1TB).
This is my case:
Yesterday my pc works fine with the said hard disk until i cleaned the inside of its case. before cleaning, i removed all cables (power cable, mouse, keyboard, speaker, LAN, VGA. afterwards, to check whether the noise has been already removed or not i plugged the power cable ONLY and not other cables because of the narrow space available and the idea of a power interruption about to come in minutes. i have had 4 times of rebooting through the power button during the cleaning. (held the power button 3-5 secs to shutdown the comp). Later on when done with the cleaning, i put back the cables of the rear panel but then after showing the motherboard details in the monitor it never displayed the OS logo (windows XP) instead this: "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

I tried pulling out the hard disk and inserted it in another desktop pc but same message displayed. But when i insert the other pc's hard disk in the cleaned pc it works fine. I also tried switching the sata cables to 2-4 but still it cannot be detected by the bios. the DVD drive stays detected and works fine even if i switch it in other sata controller (1-4) it can be detected like the hard disk i'd tried from other desktop pc. i also tried connecting the defective hard disk in all sata controllers (1-4) and even switched working and fine power sata cables with no good but in the other hard disk all controllers work fine as well as sata power cables.
Bios: Not detected
Bios Boot Sequence:
1)Hard Drive

the defective sata hard disk has the following specs:
name: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
size: 1TB
P/N: 9SL154-302
S/N: 9VP484ZS
Firmware: CC38
age: about 1-2yrs old
OS: Windows XP SP2

System: Asus mobo
Mem: 2GB
My questions are:
Is my hard disk dead?
If so, how can i recover my IMPORTANT data in it. Yes it's very important.

Helping hand much appreciated
Thank you very much in advance
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  1. First of all, that was good and thorough information. It's pretty clear where the problem lies.

    Second of all, I would recommend a number of steps to try to recover the drive. In any case, you will need to attach the drive to a system with a running OS.

    First, see if recovering the partition and format info will solve the problem. Free utilities such as the one from EASEUS ( ) will see if they can recover the partition information and make your data available again.

    If that is not the source of the problem, there are utilities to scan the drive sector-by-sector and try to reconstruct all of the files, or at least those are not corrupted. You can search the forums for "drive recovery" and find some. These are usually free to scan your drive but pay to recover more than one sample file.

    And the most important advice: In the future, do backups. To a drive that is only attached to your system while you are doing the backup, and then stored separately.

    Let us know how it goes.
  2. Sir WyomingKnott thanks for the reply.
    I tried EASEUS by booting from a Seagate Barracuda (500GB) and having my defective HD (Seagate Barracuda 1TB) plugged in one of the mobo SATA controllers, it is because my defective HD wont boot and load the OS in it. Running EASEUS with the hope of recovering my data didn't worked for me just because my defective HD is not detected and so the partitions listed in EASEUS excluded that of my defective HD's. I also tried formatting it but still unlucky left with the XP setup message that there is no HD detected (forgot the actual words ^_^) and no choice but to hit F3 (quit).
    Every steps i make without luck seem to be pushing myself to the edge of accepting it's death.. to make it worst, embracing the laborious data collection, arrangement, and programming of all the records since 19forgotten. ( definition of my 'IMPORTANT' word at my post :'( )
    Because BIOS and windows was unable to detect it, i think it's recovery seem to be a fiction.
    Definitely the last advice having my thumbs up is the best.. but now i'm already stuck in curing without even considering the essence of prevention at first.
  3. If the BIOS doesn't see it, you are in a pickle. Try new data and power cables. Look at the controller board for burn marks (note that if there are any, I am the _worst_ person to ask about fixing or replacing a disk's controller board; I leave that to professionals).

    If the data is important enough to you, take the drive and a couple of thousand dollars to a professional lab, if none of the more experienced members here can get you up and running.
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