I7 Mobos, which do I choose?

Here are my requirements for a socket 1366 X58 mobo:

12Gb DDR3 Ram @ 2000
SATA 2 ports - 6 are probably a given on most boards
RAID 0,1 onboard support
2 PCI-E 16X 2.0 slots with 2-way SLI or xfire support
1 or 2 extra PCI slots for sound, etc.
Onboard 5.1 Audio

So my questions are:

Are there any particular S1366 boards outside Asus (from Gigabyte, evga, intel, supermicro etc.) that will fulfill these requirements and have a competitive price, that you would recommend?

The P6T and the P6T deluxe from Asus seem to be the most popular out there. The P6T deluxe costs ~$100 more, what advantages does it have over the P6T?

The high end S1366 boards, the Rampage II (& III?) Extreme and the Supercomputer, have the distinctive feature of 3-way SLI and multiple PCI ports. Aside from this, what reason would someone have to buy them over the likes of the P6T's?
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  1. Well... all X58 boards support 12GB, most 24GB. Most come with six SATA II ports, the ICH10R chipset which comes with LGA 1366 boards supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 1+0. Most boards have two PCI-e lanes at 16x, and one or two extra PCI slots, although, you'd be better off with PCI-e 1x.

    I suggest the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R.
  2. I base my choices on specs, price, and brand name. I've stuck with Gigabyte over the last few years, but have purchased ASUS, Intel and MSI, all great companies. A board costing $100 less and doing what I want it to do would always be my choice...
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