Can a core2duo E8400 3ghz can be overclocked to amd phenom ii 955be

this is the specs
intel core2duo E8400 3ghz(running with stock cooler)
mobo-asus p5k-vm
ram-transcend 2x2gb 1066 mhz ram
psu..coolermaster extreme power plus 460w
gpu..asus gtx 550ti 1gb
500gb seagate 7200rpm
cabinet..zebronics antibiotic gaming cabinet
my question using stock cooler can this processor can be overclocked to a stock amd phenom 955be performance
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  1. I shouldn't think so, it has half the cores, but you should be able to push those up 200MHz to the same speed as the 955BE
  2. In single thread tasks yes, in multithreaded like rendering or encoding there is no chance, even at 4.0Ghz it would lose to the Phenom II X4.
  3. It depends on the application. If you are looking into doing 3D rendering or video processing with an application that supports more than 2 cores, then the AMD will probably edge ahead. Assuming the E8400 can easily reach anywhere between 3.6 and 3.8GHz on the stock cooler, it will probably be faster in most games, as most of them today support up to 2 threads if not 1.
    If you decide to buy a custom cooler, you can probably get your E8400 between 4GHz-4.2GHz with not too much trouble, which would close the gap in multicore processing and widen the gap in games even more.
  4. Yes, but he already has the Core2 system. For the price of a halfway decent cooler, he can extend the useful life of his system.

    If he is going to buy an AMD BE, he will also need a new motherboard and memory. And if he is going to do that, saving a little more will get him a really fast Intel K system.

    Both systems are old tech.
  5. Quote:
    good point.

    actually the system was brought before 3 years as enough budget is not available to build a new gaming system i have to overclock the current system with my provided cooler to a phenom ii equal performance only in gaming and im not cared about other performances like video encoding ,conversion because i will not do that usually ..
  6. with a stock cooler, JUST 200 more Mhz?
    decent temps?
    but your motherboard? (Intel® G33 chipset)

    i was able to effortlessly oc my e8500 to 3.7 on a crap evga 730i board without a sweat using a q6600 stock cooler.
    i had the heatsink for a spare when i posted my q6600, went into windows and it died. i looked and saw i neglected to install the heatsink after doing some tinkering :(
  7. so finally what's the answer..
  8. YES!

    btw, even i know by now you almost never get a direct answer around here. makes for educational reading :)
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    loon.... - sup bro.?

    not much . .sleepy time :sleep:
  10. so tell me the instructions how to overclock this particular cpu and how much clock does i have to overclock to get the performance of amd phenom ii 955be in games
  11. Lmgtfy,
    'Overclock core2duo E8400 guide'
    there will be lots out there i'm sure
    just watch those temperatures man :)
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