2000MHZ unstable

Hi everyone. first post on tomshardware :love:


I have been setting up a new PC and everything works great.
Except the memory :cry:

Asus Rampage II GENE
Corsair 6GB DDR3 intel I7 Dominator GT 2000MHZ CL8 (3X2GB) (CMG6GX3M3A2000C8)

When i go with default settings (without any changes to memory what so ever) i get the clock speed of 1333mhz.

With XMP enabled the system freezes after 10-20 min of up time.

I have not tried to configure the memory settings manually, because i'm not sure how i would go about doing that.
If anyone can post the settings for manually configure the memory i will try that out.

Has anyone has any experience with this memory model ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well, you should try adjusting the RAM yourself, it's easy, after you're in the BIOS, go to memory options/features, and your timings should be set like this (this is with your RAM kit):

    CL - 8
    tRCD - 8
    tRP - 8
    tRAS - 24
    CR - 2T

    Also, make sure that the vDIMM or DRAM voltage is 1.65V.

    Have you overclocked your processor at all? Set the memory ratio/multiplier to 2:10 AKA 10x or 2:12 AKA 12x, and see your RAM speed. The easiest way to run it at 2000MHz would to be set your BCLK to 165MHz, and the RAM multiplier to 12x (make sure you have a decent aftermarket cooler if you do intend to overclock though!). If you don't want to o/c much, raise your BCLK by 10 to 143, and memory multiplier to 14x.

    Otherwise, I'd set the RAM timings and voltage as above, and change the multiplier to 14x and be happy with the RAM running at 1866MHz. Apparently this board has a problem running at/over 2000MHz.
  2. I will try adjusting the RAM when i get home (at work atm :D )

    No, i haven't overclock my CPU (Intel Core I7 930).

    My CPU cooler is Noctua NH-U12p SE2. Not sure if that will do the job for any overclocking though.
  3. Most peeps don't buy Hi speed memory so they can OC Memory, they buy it so they can OC their entire system and maintain standard multipliers....for example.

    i7-930 Stock
    133 BLCK x 21 CPU multiplier = 2.8 GHz
    133 BLCK x 8 memory multiplier = 1066 MHz

    Possible Memory OC's @ Stock CPU Speeds
    133 BLCK x 10 memory multiplier = 1333 MHz
    133 BLCK x 12 memory multiplier = 1600 MHz
    133 BLCK x 14 memory multiplier = 1866 MHz

    i7-930 OC (moderate)
    167 BLCK x 21 CPU multiplier = 3.5 GHz
    167 BLCK x 8 memory multiplier = 1333 MHz
    167 BLCK x 10 memory multiplier = 1667 MHz
    167 BLCK x 12 memory multiplier = 2000 MHz

    i7-930 OC (heavy)
    200 BLCK x 21 CPU multiplier = 4.2 GHz
    200 BLCK x 8 memory multiplier = 1600 MHz
    200 BLCK x 10 memory multiplier = 2000 MHz

    DDR3-1600 is considered by many to be the sweet spot as you cans till get low latency memory (CAS 6) at this speed where as at the higher speed CA latencies increase to 8 or 9 and costs significantly more.
  4. i have been testing all day now. And i have pretty much given up hope to get 2000mhz with this motherboard. Good thing I'm a patient guy lol, i can wait for next bios update and see if i can get it working then.

    Running at 1866mhz atm. tested with Memtest, memtest86+-4.00, prime95 and EVEREST stress test, it looks quite stable as of now.
  5. News flash, after all your hard work, trials and tribulations, if you do ever find a combination that works and it runs stable at 2000mhz, it's not going to be 1 iota of noticeable difference than it is running at the default speed of 1333.
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