Graphic Card Memory Testing software???

Hi everyone.
I'm heaving problem with my GeForce 9800gt 1gb Sparkle. I'm getting blue screen of death with info: nv4_disp .I did try all the suggestions from our community: instaling and updating nvidia , motherboard drivers, BIOS updates , driver sweapers and even HDD format unfortunately problem is still there :(

Lets get to the POINT. Since I've started to consider that my GeForce can be faulty I'm looking for some sort of GRAPHIC CARD MEMORY TESTING SOFTWARE
If anyone have any useful FREE ideas , Please shere the link with me . I'll appreciate.

Thanx in advance. :hello:
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  1. i haven't used it in a while... but i believe Furmark can test what you need
  2. It may be ur driver bug! Install another version of driver!
  3. OCCT. Works on GeForce 8 Series or higher only. (Which should work on yours)
  4. i tried the 191.03 & 191.07 & 195.39
    all three drivers caused the same thing... program crash, BSOD
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