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Great stuff, that!

Sean and Mack only had two lightning bolts of chemistry until I used
this to match their turn-ons. They were elders by the time I got around
to it, so I made them both like grey-haired old men. I made Sean like
facial hair, since Mack can never get rid of that stubble, and Mack like
fatness, because there's no way Sean is going to spend enough time
working out to lose that paunch. Wham! Three lightning bolts and there's
spontaneous hand-holding and kissing up the arm and making out in the

I haven't played them for long enough since then to see what else they
decide to do on their own, once the kids are asleep. ;-)

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    In a few cases I had to use it, a couple sims were simultaneously
    turned on by fitness & fatness!

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