Trying to change Linksys WPA2 to WEP, Mac OS

Hey guys. I'm hoping there's a broad answer to this, I'm digging info up for a friend, and he's a few hundred miles away over the phone. He's using a Mac, and a Linksys wireless router. His problem is, his XBOX360 needs WEP encryption on the WLAN rather than the WPA2 he has running now.

Linksys is supposed to provide info on their website about changing security settings for their routers, but because his router isn't under warranty anymore, I couldn't find the info; maybe only to people with warranty information for the support team, i don't know.

I know from word of mouth that there are other ways of doing this.. changing MAC addresses and so forth, something i know nothing about and wasn't about to start an adventure I don't even know where to begin.

So.. from Google searching and forum browsing, I see that on Mac computers, each company uses different methods to change WLAN encryption types.

If anyone has changed WPA2 to WEP encryption with Linksys router on Mac drop me some how-to info!! Thanks guys!
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  1. although it may appear that everyone understands automatically what this link means, i need a little help..? i know is the ip address the .... router?.... uses? or something along those lines. not sure if im gonna get an answer in time to help my friend before he pays somebody 300 bucks to come do a five minute thing... but hey i tried.

    if someone can gimme quick hints, tips, go for it. if not, thanks anyways.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have a Linksys router in front of me to provide detailed steps. But the concept doesn't vary all that much from router to router. Once he logs into the router @ (or whatever it is, might be for all I know), there's going to be a wireless security page where the security type is specified. Change it from WPA to WEP. At that point it should display a location to enter the WEP key. Apply the changes and reboot.

    It's not really that complicated. I'm surprised he's having so much trouble. In the worse case, can't he just run a wired connection until this problem is solved? I can't imagine PAYING someone to fix it. Heck, he could fix the problem by using a wireless Ethernet bridge instead (something that does support WPA/WPA2) for a fraction of that cost. LOL

    Or if wants, he can open the public side of his web administration and I’ll fix it for him! Of course, if he doesn’t know how to change WPA to WEP, he probably wouldn’t be able to do that either.

    How 'bout checking out the numerous YouTube channels for relevant videos!

    The guy uses WPA in this case, but your friend just chooses WEP instead and enters the key.

    P.S. And btw, the OS has no bearing on changing the router settings. All router setting are managed through your Internet browser, so all OS platforms are presented w/ the same exact interface. Doesn't matter a lick if it's Apple, MS, Linux, whatever.
  3. That's the page from a Linksys router for changing Wireless Security.
  4. thanks guys. i wish i was just there, it sounds like something that's pretty straight forward.
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