Upgrade HP Pavilion dv7 1035

I have an HP Pavilion dv7 1035 with an AMD Turion RM-70 2GHz and 4 GB of memory. Now I want to
upgrade its Fujitsu 320 GB standard hard drive to a WD Scorpio Blue 250 GB for Vista and programs
and a WD Scorbio Blue 750GB or 1TB for all my files.
Is this going to work well. What I am most unsure about is the heat.
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  1. Heat should not be a problem.
  2. Can you see any other problems?
  3. As long as your new HDD is the same thickness (or thinner) than the original one, you will have no problems. I assume you will connect the larger 750GB/1TB HDD externally or are you intending to swap HDDs as needed? I ask because the laptop only has one place to mount a HDD internally unless you are removing the optical drive.

    Please clarify.
  4. HP Pavilion dv7 1035 can accommodate two internal disks and a DVD. So I intend to mount both in the computer.
  5. I see you have the 1035es version. Yes, you can install the 2 HDDs you want with no trouble. Heat won't be a factor. Just verify the thickness of the new drives don't exceed the thickness of the current drives.

    I had looked the the previous 1035eo specs and it only has a single HDD.

    Good luck!
  6. Do you have the installation disks for Vistas and all your programs or are you going to clone your hard drive? Why not just add the just att the WD Scopio Blue 750 GB hard drive unless it older drive is a 5400 rpm drive?
  7. The hard drive is completely full. So I will start with a faster drive and put vista there. The original disk will be fildisk. Is that not enough, I will buy the new big hard drive and install it into the computer. If the original disk still works fine, it will become a backup disk for important files.
    I have all installation disks left.
    But it is possible that I get a new problem. It looks to be some difficulty in getting hold of a hard drive caddy. So far I have found one (1).But that's enough.
    If this upgrade not will be good enough I will probably buy a new computer.
    ASUS N75SF or something similar.
  8. If you found one, you should be fine. You will recycle the mounting brackets from the HDD installed now onto the new replacement HDD.
  9. Thanks for your help COLGeek
  10. You are welcome. Good luck!
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