Problem with Nvidia Quadro NVS 420

Folks, I really need help on this one. A co-worker of mine just got a Dell computer with an Nvidia Quadro NVS 420 and it will NOT go past 1200 X 800 on his 30-inch Dell monitor.

I have tried a number of things but nothing has worked thus far.

FYI. it'll work on a 19-inch monitor and get me 1280 x 1024

Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried the newest card drivers and monitor drivers if available? What type of cable are you using? Could also try contacting Dell if it is a new system (probably worthless, but who knows, maybe they know of a bug with their systems).
  2. Thanks for the fast response. I have indeed tried the newest drivers, i'm running Win 7 Ultimate so i figured i would try the Vista 64 drivers as well, but that didn't work. I also slapped that card into a machine with Vista installed and added the latedt Vista drivers and still the same result.

    Tried to contact dell and forget about that, they're horrible.

    As for the cable, i'm not entirely sure, it's a weird adapter to the video card itself, and then the adapter has 4 DVI ports to connect up to 4 monitors...
  3. Bump! Please help me...
  4. The dell 30 inch monitors require a video card as well that supports dual link dvi to go past the 1200x800 resolution. It is also possible that the dvi cable that you have is not a DUAL LINK dvi but rather a single link. Make sure the pins on the cable show it as a dual link dvi cable and then make sure that this video card supports dual link dvi in it's dvi ports. ( most do now)
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