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Hiya, I just purchased a refurbished hdd for my dell dim 4500, WD1600JB-00REA0 to replace my old 40gb drive. Problem I'm having is when i try a clean reinstall of windows xp home after it formats then starts loading windows it keeps stopping at files and telling me that it cant load this and that file . I have set the plug to cable select done reinstalls before with no probs. Is that drive compatible for my pet :love: machine or have I got myself a dodgy drive ?
Any answers would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Drive shouldn't matter. Refurbished are not 100% reliable, it is likely the hdd is bad. Look at the CD first. Make sure there are no scratches on it. If it looks good, download the data lifeguard cd if the drive did not come with one. There should be a DFT tool on it. Run it and fix any errors if finds any. Alternately, you can download the Ultimate Boot CD and use the HDD Diagnostic applications on it. Vivard I've found to be very universal but I believe there is a WD one on there too.
  2. Ok , I will try that thanks for your response Cheers.
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