4870 wider then 9600 ocx?

is the 4870 wider then the 9600 ocx? (I have the 9600 ocx and it takes up the pci slot below it) Does the 4870 cover over
two pci slots?

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  1. Yes, the HD 4870 is a double slot card.

    Most enthusiast cards these days are.
  2. The 4870 covers two slots - and you need the second one for expelling air because it runs very hot, relatively speaking.
  3. my 9600 ocx runs about 60 idle and loads can go up to about 90C a wireless pci card is right beside it, would it be worth getting the 4870 and drilling a hole in my wall(s) (network cable) so I no longer need the pci card?
  4. Always better to game over Ethernet rather than WiFi. Of course, WiFi is just so darn convenient :D. Anyway, the principle of the cooler on that 4870 is the same as on your 9600 there, except bigger. So long as you have decent airflow you should be O.k with your PCI card. You could also replace it with a USB wi-fi adapter, like $15 from CompUSA or newegg, rather than making holes in your wall.
  5. So the temps with the msi 4870 will be about the same as my 9600? D: And it is already covering 1 of 2 pci slots (second being my wireless pci) the 4870 wont hit the second slot?
  6. That card will fit fine. The question is how much of the airflow your PCI card next to it will block.
  7. Depends, I don't personally try out MSI cards, but from MSI's website that specific card (if you get it) is supposedly supposed to be very cool. Also, Maybe you should cable manage? (if you haven't already) That'd greatly improve your airflow and remove a lot of clutter. Also, what mobo do you have?
  8. Sadly when i was picking a new mobo after my first one was DOA I chose this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131318

    (ASUS M3N78-VM) based on price and not on features (2 pcie 16X slots) ddr3 support etc..

    My cable managment is OK, could be better if I had another case but I think the GPU is the my cause for all the heat D:,
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