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I'm building a new PC, which is going quite well and not actually why I'm asking.

My question is actually about how to make my old PC a bit more environmentally friendly as a home server. It was a gaming system, so it doesn't have any on-board graphics options (and my current GPU is going into the new machine) so I'm going to buy a cheap GPU for the old system. Any recommendations of PCI E video cards that use very little power? Most of the time this thing isn't even going to be hooked up to a display at all...

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.
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    check this chart out..

    from the looks of the chart I would get the nvidia 7300LE
  2. The HD4650 uses 40W of power, as far as I know. Is $50.
  3. Yeah, for minimal display requirements, I second the 4350. All of the low ATI 4000's are very power efficient, but for what you descirbe I see no need to go above the minimum (in cost and power).
  4. brett1042002 said:

    Sapphire 4350 1gb DDR2 $39.99.... cheap.

    +1 for the 4350
  5. Thanks very much for all your answers. I'm going with the Sapphire 4350 suggestions, especially since there's a fanless option, but I'm giving the best answer to nitrous simply because that chart is such an awesome resource, and I didn't manage to find it despite all kinds of google effort :)
  6. That is an awesome chart. Nice find!
  7. no problem.. glad we could help you out..
  8. 4670 is the most powerful pcie card you can get that runs soley off pcie power.
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