Overheating issue

I had an overheating issue and bought 4 case fans, all of which are installed. I have 5 fans total in my case, 3 of which are exhaust. My temperatures tend to range in the 90s C, which is WA Y too high from what I understand. The temperatures remained the same before I got the fans, and they're still the same after I installed the fans. Maybe it's due to the excess cords from my power supply taking up a lot space and killing the circulation?

Anyone have any possible solutions to my overheating issue? All 5 fans are 120mm.

Cooler Masters 430 elite case
intel i-5 2400 processor
nvidia gtx 560
BIOSTAR H61MGC LGA 1155 Intel H61 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
6 GB Ram.
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  1. redo your thermal paste
  2. Reseat your cpu cooler + thermal paste
  3. I redid the thermal paste so we'll see what difference that makes. Here's a picture of what the inside of my case looks like, it's somewhat dark might be hard to see.

  4. Man, that is a mess. Does your case have wiring space (a compartment through which wires can be routed)?
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