How to hook up at&t 2wire gateway to siemens speedstream 4100

How can i hook up my Siemens Speedstream 4100 motem to my at&t 2wire gateway 2701HG-B router to enable wireless networking. In otherwords I want to access the internet with my laptop through, the Speedstream 4100 and the 2wire gateway 2701HG-B router. My OS is XP Pro.
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    I'm curious, since the AT&T 2710HG-B 2wire Gateway already has a modem, why do you need the Siemens Speedstream 4100 modem?


    Sometimes a modem and router are separate components, other times they’re combined into a single unit. Each has advantages and disadvantages. And in this case, it seems to me you’ve stumbled into one of the disadvantages of being combined.

    When the modem and router are separate, the modem is connected to your ISP via the phone/RJ11 port. And the router is connected to the modem, WAN port to LAN port, respectively:

    [wall outlet](rj11)<--phone wire-->(rj11)[modem](lan)<--ethernet wire-->(wan)[router]

    What’s in BOLD is exactly what you’ll find on the back of your 4100.

    But in the case of 21710HG-B, the modem is integrated into the router, therefore it doesn’t expose an Ethernet/LAN port, only the phone/RJ11 port:

    [wall outlet](rj11)<--phone wire-->(rj11)[router + modem]

    So you have a problem if you want to use the 2710HG-B w/ the 4100. The 4100’s phone/RJ11 port must obviously be connected to the wall outlet. So how do you connect the 4100 to the 2710HG-B when the 4100 only has an Ethernet/LAN port remaining, and the 2710HG-B only exposes a phone/RJ11 port?!

    [wall outlet](rj11)<--phone wire-->(rj11)[4100](lan)<-- ??? -->(rj11)[ 2710HG-B]

    You can’t!

    Now having said all that, a search of the Internet reveals many ppl trying to solve this very same problem.

    Whether this will work, or works reliably, I don’t know. But I’m skeptical and would personally recommend you just get a good standalone router rather than dealing w/ what amounts to a hack. Routers are so inexpensive these days, it’s just not worth the hassle, the possibility of unreliable connections, perhaps harming your equipment, etc. Just get a good router and maybe resell the 2710HG-B on eBay.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I was looking for a way to get out of buying a router by using the AT&T 2710HG-B 2wire Gateway wireless capability to connect laptop. Seems as though if I want my laptop to hook up wirelessly, then I should just go buy a router. Less headaches. Thanks again.
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