How is my new build?

Building my second computer so I have a couple of questions.

Here is my potential build for a serious gaming computer:

Intel 920 I7 2.6
EVGA-E758-A1 3 way sli
corsair CMPSU-750HX
2- HD 5850 SLI
samsung spin point F3 HD
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
mushkin redline 6 gb 1600 triple channel
antec 1200 case

My question is what is the best motherboard to match up to the processor, and dual 5850's?

Which heat sink cooler would work well? Do I need the brackets for the board selected?

Thanks in advance
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  1. First, with ATI you don't do SLI, you can do X-FIRE.

    The mobo is the best option (IMO), and the heat sink could be a cooler master V8 or V10


  2. Two 5850's is Crossfire, not SLI, ;). A cheaper mobo from Gigabyte or Asus will be fine.


    If your not overclocking, the stock cooler will be fine. If your overclocking, here's some options:

    Your missing a DVD drive
  3. You are correct I was initially going with evga 275 sli, and I changed my mind after researching the 5850's crossfire. Sorry

    I like your choice, coolermaster TY.

    Which DVD drive would you recommend?

    Do you believe the EVGA motherboard is better than the Gig or Asus?
  4. v8,v10 overpriced to the extreme

    have a read through here
  5. I believe EVGA boards are overpriced ;) The one's I suggested are high quality boards and considerably cheaper, I would go with the Asus personally.

    As for a DVD drive, any will do, for instance
  6. Thank you.

    Any other input on this build?
  7. The rest of your choices are very good, but you can get quality parts for less.

    Cheaper RAM with nice timings . I have the DDR2 version and they rock.

    This PSU is excellent and only comes to $95 after rebates

    Other than that, I wouldn't change anything else :)
  8. Thank you
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