Looking for the best LCD monitor for graphic design other than Apple

What are the best LCD monitors for graphic designers that aren't the Apple brand? While I agree that Apples are amazing, I need something that will interface with my Dell laptop and the people at Apple said that their displays only work Apple computers. I know that LaCie makes great monitors for graphic design use, but I was wondering what other brands/models are also available in this category.
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  1. I've heard that NEC displays have the best reputation for color accuracy now. Of course they sell color meters too.
    Coming from a 22" Electron Blue CRT to a Apple 30" display has been a leap in the positive for me. Even on my Apple 20" the colors are nice and saturated.

    OH, yeah, NEC,... check them out. http://www.necdisplay.com/Products/
  2. We had 3 CAD guys at my last employer and we got the HP LCD's that used IPS Panels instead of TN panels. They looks freaking awesome. TN panels are faster, but IPS panels can display more color and look SO much better. I believe NEC's are REALLY expensive. But HP and I think Samsung make them.
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