Which of these is the best for Overclocking

Gigabyte GA-990fxa UD3 - Asus M5A99x EVO - MSI 990FXA GD65 - Biostar TA990FXE


P.S. - Overclocking a Bulldozer :)
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  1. Personally prefer asus for overclocking.
    gigabyte for durability
    biostar for very tight budget, but somehow this board is very good for US$120

    i don't like msi..
    have many case of vrm burned under heavy load..
  2. In my country I'm getting the TA990fxe, say $40 cheaper than the other three(Which are similarly priced)
    Hence I was wondering if spending that extra money worth it or not.
  3. For mild overclocking, go with biostar..

    but if you want your friend amazed with your processor speed and have some nice benchmark point, go with asus or gigabyte..

    personally, i'll go with biostar and add US$40 extra cash to my graphics card bugdet..

    *my system runs ta990fxe and fx8120 @4.3ghz 1.4 volt.
  4. Quaddro said:
    *my system runs ta990fxe and fx8120 @4.3ghz 1.4 volt.

    Do you think Asus or gigabyte would've given a better overclock @1.4v?

    I Want a 4.2+ Overclock, with lowest voltage possible.(Since my ambient is high)

    If I go with biostar, I can use the extra money for a better cooler(NH D14) & Case.

    So, is there a significant difference between these boards(for overclocking)? Coz, the other option is Asus/gigabyte/MSI, along with a decent cooler(preferably the Frio) & Case.
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    actually yes..biostar needs little more voltage then other brand like gigabyte or asus.

    you will reach 100-200mhz more with the other brand like gigabyte or asus with the same voltage.

    *according my experience with this series, biostar has a horrible vdroop with fx series processor, 1.4v when idle and drop until 1.36v when full load.
    that's why i need high voltage in idle condition.

    but with phenom or thuban, almost no vdroop..
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