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I installed a bigfoot 90GB OCZ Vertex 2 on my old Mesh PC in Jan 2011. All went well after eventually installing W7 and using HDD's for data storage.In June a problem developed resulting in the SSD freezing after 6 mins from startup every time. Red LED came on on the SSD and had to reset boot order in the BIOS each time but always froze after 6 mins. SSD sent back to supplier and they confirmed it was faulty. Replacement 120GB SSD provided by Novatech (top service from Novatech by the way!)only for exactly the same problem to start happening this week after faultless operation since June 2011. Has anyone had similar experience or any idea what could be the problem? Andy from Clevedon.
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  1. i can't offer you an idea of what the problem might be, but i can offer you my experience with OCZ drives: 50% failure rate (2 of 4).
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