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Ok, here is the issue. A few months ago I plugged in a USB key into the front of my computer case. Apparently I had some static electricity and the computer shut down. Once the computer came back up none of the usb ports would work except a select few on the back of the motherboard. The stangest part of this is that all the usb ports will work in safe mode. I tried plugging in a usb key into the front of the computer and sure enough it worked. Everything in device manager looks good and there are no issues with any of my ports. Apparently, something is happening when the computer goes into Windows. The other strange issue is when I unplug all the USB devices attached to my computer the usb ports will work. But, when I plug in a usb key into the front again they stop working. It is a really strange situtation and I am just thinking about replacing the system board. Any help would be great.

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  1. have you tried another windows install; youre usb device host drivers might be damadged.
    if it isnt the driver it might also be the case and yes might also be the Motherboard.
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