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Hi everyone,
Hers my long story xD,

I am willing to buy an HD 5870 because I sold the GTX280. Also, I am getting the HD5870 because of the support of 7.1 DTS/DD sound over HDMI 1.3 as opposed to the 2.0 on the GTX280. The GTX280 was smelling plastic on full load in crysis and at Folding@Home lmao. The cpu is the Q9550 E0 stepping but...with an HP worksation xw4600 that I got an amazing deal on.So the 4GB-800 is ECC for servers. There is no way to overclock in the bios. The good news is that I found a way to overclock by software( No! clockgen dsnt work) by looking at some chip on the motherboard using setfsb but that will simply raise the fsb and overclock CPU,RAM,FSB @ the same time. Luckily, I got the Q9550@3.5Ghz@1.2V and the ram @1Ghz stable @stock voltage for sure. There is no way to change the voltages and I do not justify the money on buying a new motherboard with new ram. PSU is a Corsair TX850 and 3x500Gb RAID0. Chipset is X38 Express. Monitors resolution is 21.5@1080p. So, will the Q9550@3.5Ghz bottleneck a single HD5870?
And is there a way to flash the motherboards bios or tweak the voltages by software or hardware?
Last question, does the HD5870 speedup video conversions like the GTXs?(MP4->AVI->DivX->Mpeg4->MKV...)

Thanks for your time. :hello: and no I did not join the forum on Tue Jan 01, 1970 LoL :lol:
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    Q5500 at 3.5ghz is plenty for that card and wont cause bottleneck.

    Usually changing the voltage can be done through the bios if not some softwares are available online such as evga voltage tuner or rivatuner.

    If the video software supports ati stream then yes it will speed it up.
  2. Which software supports Ati Stream? Other opinions are welcome.
  3. The CPU is good enough for that card.
    It won't cause any bottleneck.
  4. I was using MediaCoder x64 CUDA, hers the website: hxxp://
  5. Q9550@3.5Ghz is more then enough for hd5870 unless its badly optimized game that can use only one CPU core. In all other cases its more then enough.

    Application supporting run on GPU, just to name few:
    ATI Avivo Video Converter
    Adobe photoshop
    Adobe after effect
    Adobe flash player 10

    I am sure there is more, and will be in future, but those are all i remember.
  6. I am seeing the CrossFired HD 5850 are a better value than one 5870. Will a Q9550@3.5Ghz bottlneck 2x5850?
    Will my X38Express motherboard support CrossFire? Hers a picture:

  7. I don't think so, at that res you might actually need more gpu power :P
    in the future that is
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