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i have an hp zv6000. the screen cracked on me a while ago so i just removed it and now i use an lcd plugged in. well, i was having trouble with the wireless connection dropping on and virtually off repeatedly even though my old dell has a constant excellent connection. Well, tonight i removed the keyboard and had a look at the card itself and realised that there are 2 wires coming out of it extending to where the screen used to be. I used to think these 2 wires where a connection for something in the removed screen but now it appears they are part of the wireless card. could this have something to do with the bad connection and should there be something connected to these wires that amplify the signal?
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  1. the antenna was probably located in the screen or something so now the signals have to travel farther and therefore result in weaker signal.

    try buying a wireless card but then that requires contracts from Verizon, Sprint, etc.

    your better off buying a new laptop or using the dell
  2. well I already have Comcast cable and I run my network off my router that runs via cable. I use the dell anyway but the HP is a little more powerful and can run some medium games etc. Not the sort of thing I just want to trash, I'd rather fix it if I could
  3. try connecting it through ethernet

    only problem is now it will stationary
  4. well I can certainly do that if I get a long enough cable, but my whole point is that I want to fix what is wrong and learn from it. Sorry but I am training to be a tech so I would rather fix than just work around
  5. you can't fix it though

    unless you have a lot of tools that can help create an antenna it can't be fixed
  6. i suspect it was physically taped to the backside of the screen (the shiny foil backing) which acted as an antenna extension. the two wires that were taped onto that backing are bare at the end. well, i still have that backing so maybe i can rig it up somehow so that the wires are making contact with that material or something similar
  7. try it i t may work
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