Is DDR3 Kingston really best brend?

Is DDR3 Kingston really best brend?
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  1. If you want the best brand, go for Corsair.
    Gskill is cheaper and a good option too.
  2. No.

    1- Corsair
    2- G.Skill
    3- Crucial
    4- OCZ
    5- Mushkin
    6- Kingston (only the HyperX series)
  3. Well it really depends on the model.
    Which is the model that you are considering ?
  4. I've used and had excellent luck with OCZ, GSkill, and Corsair. Note the use of 'luck' in the previous sentence. They all can be good, and they all could have issues.
  5. Misko195 said:
    Is DDR3 Kingston really best brend?

    Kingston HyperX is fine memory, but it's not the fastest, nor is it the best value (fastest for the money). People buy Kingston and Crucial because these companies have a better reputation for delivering non-defective product.
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