Need help with setting up SSD boot and 2 HDD in RAID 0

I am building my first system and am a bit inexperienced with the process specifically with setting up RAID volumes.

Here is what I have:

- i7 2600k
- Crucial M4 128 GB SSD with Windows 7 Pro
- ASRock Extreme 4 Z68 MoBo
- 2 SATA 3 WD Black 1 TB drives I just purchased (not yet installed)

The system is up and running currently with the single SSD

What I would like to do:

- Set up both WD drives in RAID 0 using SSD as the boot drive
- Use All 3 drives on SATA 3 connectors if possible (the board has 4 SATA 3 connectors but 2 are Marvell)
- If the above is not possible, what is best coinfiguration (SSD on SATA II, HDDs on SATA 3 or vice versa)

I have other questions as well but would like to know if this is possible before I get too carried away. I tried searching for other posts but couldn't find anything similar to my situation. Thanks for any info and help in advance.
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  1. what you want to do is possible. As a matter of fact, many users use a similar configuration.
  2. WD Black drives will not run reliably in any form of Raid setup.

    That was just the first post that came up from googling, but there is loads of info on this problem. I bought 3 of them a few years ago when they would actually run in a raid setup, then one died and the replacement would not work in a raid setup so I got stuck with 2 that would raid and 1 that wouldn't. Basically I won't buy WD drives again.
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