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So I just finished building my computer last night and when I go to boot it the red led for memok comes on. Everything else is on, but I don't have an image and it doesn't post. So I tried holding down the memok, but when it comes back on it just goes straight to a solid led. So my system is Asus P6X58D Premium MB and my memory is Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 6GB (3 x 2GB) Model 998679 1600mhz with 7-8-7-20 timings and 1.65v. I began trying to use one stick at a time to see if it might be defective ram, but the same thing keeps happening. I know the mushkin ram is not on the QVL list, but I have heard that it can work with this board. Not sure if the ram is bad or maybe incompatible? Could also be the mobo. Besides testing the ram does anyone had any similar problems or can give me some advice?
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    I saw a few posts on newegg reviews "or somewhere with people stating that this board didn't like the Mushkin Enhanced Blackline memory. I could be wrong.
    I own this board myself. "bought an open box and got lucky it came with every part and in it's original box, looked unsed".
    I used A-data 1600 cas 8 and don't have any issues. Do you know anyone with ddr3 that can borrow you a stick to do further testing? Swap the dimms to a diff bank, perhaps use the blue bank.

    I also saw reviews from users stating this board dosent work well with certain power supplies. I can't verify that though. What type of power supply are you using? is it a name brand quality one?
    Do you have enough juice to power your rig?
    So you can't get it to post at all?
    If I was you id reseat everything, CPU, power conectors, Video card too.
    If you have no video maybe its not the ram?
    Just a few rambling thoughts.
  2. Hi.

    Can u test the mobo with another RAM? and test the RAM in another mobo?, if the rig don't boot even with only one stick I think that the problem is the mobo.
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