I have an HDD and want to upgrade to a SSD

I have a 500gb hdd and want to upgrade to a 128gb ssd. Mainly I want to put windows 7 and a few games on the ssd. I want to use both hard drives though. When I install it, do I need to wipe my old hdd?, then do a fresh install of windows 7 on my ssd? And do I need to install windows on both the ssd and hdd? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I want to boot my computer with SSD and use my HDD for other files.
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  1. You wipe the old hard drive (After saving pictures or whatever you wish to keep) Then remove the old hard drive from the computer.

    Plug in the nice shiney new SSD, Install windows onto that drive.





    Is the ONLY drive connected or inside that computer you are installing windows to.

    When you are all installed and updated etc etc etc... then connect your old hard drive to a available bay and it should come right up ready to go.

    But you gotta gotta gotta NOT put all the drives into the box and try to install windows, that durn windows is naughty and will put it's paws into everything.
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    ^ recommend you do not wipe your old HDD untill after you have installed Win 7 on SSD and wait for about a Month - THEN delete win 7 from HDD. YES - DO disconnect HDD while installing on SSD.

    No Problem.
    (1) disconnect your HDD, connect the SSD. Make sure BIOS is set for AHCI.
    (2) boot win 7 installation disk and install windows 7.
    (3) after windows 7 is installed, power down and reconnect HDD.
    ... NOTE: If your HDD had win 7 on it you can boot to either the Old HDD or the SSD by hitting the Key that brings up the Boot menu (on my gigabyte it is F12, on my asrock it is f11) during post. THIS Does not change bios boot priority.
    (4) Power up, enter bios and make sure boot priority is to boot to the SSD first.

    There are some tweaks that you can do for SSDs. Just google SSD tweaks. Two that I do:
    (1) Disable Hibernation
    (2) set my virtual memory (Page file) to small value and set the min and max to the same value. My I5-750 with 8 gigs of Ram I set the min and max to 1024 Megs and on my I5-2500k with 16 gigs of Ram I set min and max to 512 megs.
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