Will my computer run a decent graphics card with a 300W PSU?

What would the results be?
some of my computer specs are:
intel core 2 QUADCORE q8200
300W 19Amps +12V (made by LITEON)

I was thinking about getting the 9400gt with 300w 18A+12V minimuim requirements.

Will my computer run smoothly with a 300w graphics card and quadcore processor with my PSU?

also random question but are GPU fans annoying? so heat sink vs fan?

Thanks to those who answer. Sorry my computer knowledge is... not very good.
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  1. The 9400 doesn't output much heat, you might not need much. However, I think it's necessary, otherwise the VRAM overheats like sh*t!

    Also, I wouldn't trust that PSU with a Qcore/6GB/Discrete card.
  2. I highly advise a PSU upgrade prior to any GPU upgrade.

    You don't need a monster PSU but better quality is a must.

    Corsair CMPSU-450VX 450W - $49.99 after rebate

    This will ensure you are properly powering everything and give you the option to step up the GPU even more if you want.

    I know the 9400 GT doesn't eat up much power but the rest of your set up is much higher end and you don't want a low brand PSU running near peak wattage all the time.
  3. Try the HD4650 512Mb ddr3
  4. The answer is yes, but if you are talking about gaming a 9400 gt is very very far from a "decent card"
    An HD4670 would probably work with that PSU and is a nice card for gaming at low resolutions.
  5. If it was a reliable PSU then I would have suggested 4670.
    But it doesn't seems so.

    So I also recommend you to get a better PSU for the Gfx card upgrade.
    Also mention your Budget.

    Any card below 4650 GDDR3 is strongly not recommended cuz they don't provide good performance.

    "also random question but are GPU fans annoying? so heat sink vs fan? "

    No.Fans are not annoying.
    In most cases they remain silent throughout their lives.
    Also it gives better cooling which ensures better lifespan and good chances of Overclocking.
    Fanless cards are bit more expensive.
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