Celeron D 3 46 ghz running hot

I've got a 3.46 ghz celeron D mounted on a intel d946gzis motherboard. I scrapped off all thermal paste from the heatsink (there was none on the processor) and put a fresh paste on. I had a Celeron D 2.66 in before this and it seemed to run cool. This process is running at 68-70 C. My heatsink is flat on the processor and I know i didn't overpaste / underpast with the thermal gel. Any idea's on why its running so hot?
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  1. the "d" chips naturally run hot, try an aftermarket cooler, and/or better thermal grease
  2. the best u gonna get out of a D is 40 idle 68 70 full load is normal
  3. If u only have a stock cooler then u probably want to change it with an aftermarket cooler, pent.D can be pretty hot fast... :)
  4. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/D946gzis/


    Best bet is to look here below and try to find one one seconhand:


    An E6700 looks the best bet.

    Any of the listed core2 duo CPU's )even though they are older 65nm Conroe's) are much faster than the castrated Pentium 4 you have in it now.

    Might be able to get one for 40 or 50 bucks if you look around ...

    Short story is ... retire the Celery to the garbage bin ... or hit them with a hammer ... I find the latter enjoyable.

    Hope this helps.

    P,S ... check your BIOS revision is 0077 or higher too ... should show on bootup ... on the screen ... or hit <del> button after the POST beep.
  5. Pentium 4s and Pentium 4 based Celerons over 3.0Ghz run hot. The closer to 4ghz it is, the hotter it will get. That's just the way it is. You can't expect the CPU cooler you had on your 2.66GHz Celeron D to also cool your 3.46 GHz chip. You will need a better cooler than the puny stock one if you want lower temps.
  6. Thanks for the input all. You don't have to tell me about the celeron d's performance. I was gifted the motherboard with a 2.66 ghz celeron d, I gave a guy 20 bucks for the 3.46 til I get money together for a Q6600 which I'm 100% sure works with the MB even though it doesn't say so on that intel page. The problem is the e6700 and the q6600 are relics now and to buy them online new (to be safe they weren't raped and pillaged with overclocking) your looking at 200 bucks.

    Thats obviously a stupid investment. If you guys know where i can get either a e6700 or a q6600 for cheap let me know.

    Thanks Again
  7. I wouldn't bet on a Q working on that mobo ... but an E6600 / 6700 is no slouch.

    The IPC is quite a bit higher than the Netburst cpus and the large cache will help the old dear motor along quite nicely.

    Good luck
  8. You can probably get such a CPU used over on eBay. The Q6600 is in demand ever there since people with older motherboards may have limited CPU options, but the Q6600 overclocked is still a good performer. Of course, the dual core E6600 and E6700 run for considerably less. If your board has decent overclocking capability you should get some good extra performance out of either chip.

    I still say get a good CPU cooler, preferably something you could potentially use in your next build. Even if you aren't going to overclock the 3.46 Celeron D (which isn't too bad as far as Celerons go) good cooling will make sure it won't die anytime soon :D. Also, you'll have a good CPU cooler when you finally do save enough money for a CPU upgrade to help you overclock said CPU.
  9. That board doesn't support the Quad processor. You'll need to go with the E6700. It'll be a nice upgrade for you.
  10. Get an AM2+ Mobo New such as Asus M3A78-EM
    Get an Athlon II 630 New

    Re-use your DDR2 memory

    More cost effective and futureproof then a Q6600 and its all NEW
  11. I understand the intel page doesn't say it supports the Q6600 or 6700, but i'm telling you it works. Google it. I'm def going Athlon when I get some more dough, but it'll be for a different build. Any suggestions for cheap, but good 775 cooler?
  12. For a cooler, I'd say

    XIGMATEK HDT-S963 92mm Rifle

    If your case is of reasonable size and can fit such a cooler. If you have a big case I would get a 120mm cooler

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1284EE 120mm Rifle

    You could also spend a little more and go with the Dark Knight 120mm cooler. Just depends on your budget, and well case size :D.
  13. I picked up a q6600. I'm going to take some screen shots in bios for all the haters. Thanks for the heatsink suggestions, my case as space to work with, but I'm hoping to pick up a heatsink that mounts on the board without having to remove it and place brackets.
  14. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/273889-28-intel-cocket-install-heatsink

    Here is a heap of "how to docs" I put in one spot to help users fit and remove socket 775 processors.

    mega has some good tips there for you in terms of coolers.

    To get a really good result out of a Kenty (Q6600) cpu you need a good cooler, and good airflow in the case - bundle up all of the cabling so as to allow air to flow in and out of the case.

    Make sure the case fans / filters are clean and working well too.

    Good luck.
  15. Get rid of that POS
  16. Not very helpful.
  17. Agreed Reynod. Do you do any overclocking with your q6600?
  18. Well yes I have had a couple - the last one is in one of the kids machines.

    Simply change the FSB from 266 (1066) to 333 (1333) and leave the multiplier at 9.

    266 X 9 = 2.4Ghz (Stock)
    333 X 9 = 3.06Ghz (mild overclock)

    This should be more than sufficient and give you a stable result - possibly without raising the core voltage if the case has good airflow and the HSF is wel mounted.

    I checked an aftermarket heatpipe cooler on mine for a bit of extra cooling headroom when we game heavily.

    The G0 stepping cpu's were all quite good and this overclock was very common.

    Pushing these past 3.4 often requires a bit more voltage and you end up with diminishing returns - cooling issues / power consumption ... chasing a water cooling system for a few FPS ... and stability problems.

    Frankly pushing the cpu past 3Ghz without having really high end graphics is debatable - the graphics will likely be placed under more demand than the cpu.

    I speak only in terms of getting a good all round result - not clocking everything to the redline.

    At the end of the day I like something that is reliable ... as I am sure most do.

    Hope this helps.
  19. I have to pick up a new case. I'm trying to find one with good stock fans so I don't have to add anymore, while staying on a budget.

    I'm looking at heatsinks similar to this one:

    Thanks for the overclocking suggestions, please feel free to give me budget friendly heatsink / case options as well.

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