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I've heard that not all DDR3 memory works well with the AM3 socket processors. could someone explain what the issue is with the memory and suggest some modules work well with AM3 sockets? looking for 1333 or 1600 ram.
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    DDR3 ram works fine with AM3. It is just when RAM is labeled as triple channel you can't fully utilize it due to the lack microarch in the Phenom II processors.

    they work excellent with dual channel memory

    the i7s work better with triple channel memory since they can fully utilize it and that is why those setups are faster sometimes.

    however, the difference is minimal you won't see the difference between dual channel and triple channel memory unless the computer is used for heavy calculations and simulations

    you can't see it in gaming and multitasking

    1333 and 1600 DDR3 RAM will work fine with the phenom II just remember to overclock the processor so that they synchronize
  2. suggested voltage or timings?
  3. the lowest i know for RAM timings for DDR3 are 7 or 8

    the thing with DDR3 is that it is faster and uses less energy but have a higher latency

    as for voltages i don't know
  4. ordered G.Skill ripjaws ddr3 1600 ram
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