Computer corrupt, no startup menu but have all other icons on desktop

I've ran several cleaners Superantispyware, Spybot and Fixbee.... problems are slowly getting better but still compromised. Some areas the virus won't let me access. Started with not being able to get rid of Advancedantispywaresolutions, i would remove it with spybot and upon reboot it would be right back again. On email, i can open and read but cannot send, prompt says not enough memory on outlook express. I'm running XP media on desktop.....SUGGESTIONS??
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  1. it takes 40 min to reinstall windows how long have you spent trying to fix it so far
    to usb drive reinstall get so av software that works 2 hours tops and you problem in on more
    if you have some system restore media even better

    what system/pc/laptop do you have
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