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  1. it looks strong

    very nice and everything is compatible go ahead
  2. 950w eh. You could max overclock your system and add another GPU and still not need a 950w psu.
  3. Could you put what each component is under the link so I don't have to open all the ones I'm familiar with ?
  4. you sure someguy? i mean he does have a 5970 on there
  5. Umm 2 5970's on a 950w im not sure about that. They do pull 400w on each card under full load. If you had 2 5970's that would be 800watts under full load just on the cards. Then another 135watts(More if you overclock) for the cpu and your already at 935w and thats not counting fans/hard drives/ram/sound card/cpu cooler/optical drives/ But i could be wrong.
  6. And i really like your system build, should be an amazing machine.
  7. I plan on taking pictures and maybe even shooting some video of it being put together.
  8. Sorry for that. I did not look at every part due to them being all in separate links. Two of those monsters would require more than a 950w.
  9. Sweet build.... Only flaw is the PSU.... other than that it's a monster.....

    With such power and budget you should be looking at something in this arena :
  10. im not seeing any lcd panel in that list....

    i do hope you'd be getting a 2560x1600 30'er or 3 1920x1080 24".
  11. I was open for suggestions on that. Any particular brand? I was going to try the Eyefinity with 3 monitors. Some people say its not worth it others say its flippin' awesome.
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