Ex58-ud3r CPU fan all of a sudden running super fast,and wont slowdown

So i built this computer a few months ago, bought the h50 heard good things about it, so far my computer has been TOO quiet.. it has worked great so far.

I reformatted 2 days ago and when my computer goes to sleep and i would start it back up the cpu fan would run super fast, i ended up shutting down and restarting and that fixed it... well 2 computer sleeps later i cant fix it, when i start the computer up it runs how it use too, untill about 20-25 seconds once windows loads it kicks on ALL the way, and is super loud and annoying.

Anyone have any ideas? I checked my cpu temps at idle 32-33

Gigabyte comes with that easy tune, and i even tried messing with the fan control in there, but the blue bar (for cool) is stuck at 100% fan speed no matter where i put it, while i can adjust the red bar however i want... it makes no sense!

I have core i7 920
h50 fan
ex58-ud3r rev 1.7

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  1. Might need to load the latest BIOS...

    Go into your power settings, and 'toggle' "System Cooling Policy" - whichever state it's in, set it opposite... (...works different on different systems...)

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