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I have been running my new SSD (Crucial M4, 128GB) with clean install of Win 7 for a few days and am very happy so far. During the clean install I had to updaye my Norton Security Suite, that I get free as part of my Comcast cable subscription. I happened to open that tonight to see what was new and noticed the PC Tuneup was enabled. I read up a little about that feature and became concerned. One of it's features is the Disk Optimization, which was enabled. Apparently that does something similar to a drive defrag in real time. I immediately disabled that feature as Never Run. I am not sure it has run or would have run on the SSD but I am not taking any chances. If you are running Norton with an SSD please have a look at this feature and tell me if I over reacted :)
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    I do not know anything about Norton security products. I have been using Iolo System Mechanic Pro for about 7 years now. The newest version now comes with utilities for ssd's, including tuneup, cleanup, and disk optimization. Therefore, I suggest you check the Norton web site or contact Norton to find out if their pc tuneup and disk optimization is safe for ssd's.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

    EDIT - I just checked System Mechanic Pro. It comes with two "drive accelerators" - one is the standard disk defragmention for hard disk drives and the second is for ssd's with special optimzation technology. I can chose which one to use manually or the utility can automatically detect the type of drive and select the correct optimization.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Today I found at least one other forum topic about this, on another site. There was no proof it was causing a problem but just the idea it would do defragging real time "feels" scary. Is there a tool available for reporting the number of writes an SSD has taken? Maybe the SSD vendors supply this?
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