What the heck is wrong with my External Drive??

My dog recently passed away, and I was looking for some of the last video I shot of him. I checked on my WD My Passport 320 GB drive but didn't find the video I was looking for. I unplugged the drive and looked elsewhere. Literally two minutes later, I remembered a folder on the drive that may have had the video, so I plugged the HD back in. The drive lit up, Windows made the "duh da" sound, but nothing happened.

The drive will only display in My Computer as "Local Disk" and cannot be clicked. While the drive is plugged in, the whole computer slows down, and explorer has the green loading bar, like it's trying to load the drive. Won't work on my other computer either. What the heck happened? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Running Windows 7 64 bit.
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    this is a bad file system in your drive. windows was writing something to the drive when you unplugged it and caused corruption. there are many programs that can recover partition loss. achronos has tools that can do this as can paragon partition manager. i do lots of this kind of data recover and would be willing to do what i can via remote desktop if needed
  2. Thank you for the reply. It helped lead me in the right direction. I though it was a hardware problem, but after reading your response, I ran a chkdsk through CMD. it took literally 14 (14!) hours to complete, but it fixed the drive and all is well now. Thank you.
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  4. np, glad to help
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