Can I transfer my windows 7 hard disk to a new computer?

Can I transfer my windows 7 hard disk to a new computer?
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  1. long as you format it it and reinstall windows fresh.

    Unless of course, mobo and other components w/ drivers in the old one is the same as the new one.
  2. You can try. Remove all the old drivers first and then transfer it and then load in the new mb drivers etc. give it a try. I have done it with XP pro before.....if it does not work just do a clean install.
  3. caamsa said:
    I have done it with XP pro before.....

    I, also. Seems to work about half the time. YMMV.
  4. You might not have to completely reinstall if it crashes. If it crashes at boot, just as you see the Windows screen, you might just have to repair the installation. To do this, boot from the Windows disc as with a reinstall, and then choose "Repair".
    I had to do this after upgrading most of the parts of my pc. Basically, the pc is booting up, Windows is looking for the old components, and getting very confused at finding the new. Hope this helps, good luck.
  5. Quote:
    Can I transfer my windows 7 hard disk to a new computer?

    for sure...
    JackNaylorPE said the way, but there is a necessity to reinstall the system. a little bit complexed.
    i have another two ways,,, 1) clone the hard disk your system partition locates, like disk copy
    ,,2) a function named as universal restore. it means you can restore your system to dissimilar hardware. i found acronis true image and eaues todo backup could do this work. The only difference is that universal restore of true image seems to be extra paid, even if you purchase true image, and todo backup is in-built this function.
    just find which one is better for u. good luck
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