Mid tower water cooling kit?

Wanted to get a good water cooling system but have a mid tower case i know the h60/70/80 should fit but i really don't like them idc if you got good temps i didnt wanted to know if there is any water cooling system i can get for a mid tower case would like a full kit like this one.

But if i have to buy separate parts to put it together i will.

Just for cpu cooling by the way.
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  1. Corsair makes good stuff.
    Check their kits out.
  2. Does your case support 240mm rads? XSPC also makes 120mm kits.
  3. First of all projectpwn thanks for reading my question...
    And no my mid tower was not really maid for water cooling it could fit a 120mm in the back but i did find this while looking around

    my case could easly fit this but im not really sure how good it is seems like a h80 in a different side of the case but i notice it isnt closed like the corsair stuff so was wanted to know if i could add more to it to increase performance.
  4. Thermaltake Bigwater=bad choice.
  5. well what is a good choice or should i just through it all in mineral oil >.>
  6. Putting it in mineral oil would be only marginally worse than putting a bilgewater kit in there, I.E. bad!
    remind me what your case is?
  7. Was a jk putting it in mineral oil doesnt short anything out but is still terrible idea once you get past the aww of your computer running in liquid.
    Here is my system specs

    Case:In win griffin yellow
    Motherboard: M4A87TD EVO
    Ram: Pareema 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
    Cpu:AMD Athlon II X3 455 Rana 3.3GHz
    Gpu: Xfx Radeon Hd 4870 1 Gb Ddr5
    Hdd:Western Digital Caviar Blue500GB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s
    psu: OCZ ZT Series 550W Fully-Modular
  8. mineral oil> thermaltake boilwater> ferrari on flat tires>fail :lol:

    sorry :)
    1| if you want to go WC and only cpu for now - might want to look at the XSPC RX Raystorm kit -
    swiftech -

    wouldn't really suggest going for a single 120 rad.

    2| your case does not support internal rad mount above, below or beyond - without a mod ... so to speak.

    3| the rear is a 80mm fan but i think i see an option to mount a 120 fan... :S ?
    3.1| if it is indeed a 120mm fan at the could get the swiftech radbox and mount the xspc kit on the back or you'll get the mounting radbox accessories with the swiftech kit.
    3.2| this will however conflict with your psu - when you'll want to fill your rad/res of the swiftech, you might accidentally spill it into the psu exhaust :P

    4| get the xspc kit i linked and mod you case a bit to accommodate the rad on the top of your case being horizontal - kinda like what moto has now :)

    5| either way i see you having to mod your case eventually to deal with the hose/tubing from rad res and cpu block...gpu block in the future.

    6| get another case that you can fit some WC stuff and some new hardware - Corsair Carbide 500R...?

    this is my opinion, you might have another way of seeing things :)
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    aah yes the griffin, I knew I knew but brains a bit slow after the nightshift mate :)
    You could run a couple of 120 rads in there without any modding, if you are prepared to mount a larger rad on the roof, a 240 would fit easily and you could go for the better RX series kit, anything more and as Lutfij says, its modding time :)
  10. Seems most i can fit without modding is kinda shitty think i might just buy that Corsair Carbide 500R.
  11. @ moto mate - yeah i also forgot to mention the "mounting the rad on the case panel" option but i thought the tubes will kink when the lid would be closed, then again it might interfere with the case when op would want to swap out some parts for upgrade time.

    @ senpepe - a lil bleep with the language would help :), the last guy to break forum rules...went bye bye
  12. Roof case panel or door side panel? either way works given the right planning, door would be more cumbersome though imo, roofs a non-moving option.
    mounted on the door you would probably be best having a fair bit of slack in the tubing and I would recommend quick disconnectors for that as well, just in the event the door has to come off for new gfx cards etc
    there is always a way as long as the builder is open to ideas and modding :)
    anyhow, bedtime for me, I'll look in later though
    *Edit, the carbide 500 has homed some nice builds, :)
  13. door side panel.

    nite nite mate!
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  15. Quote:
    *Edit, the carbide 500 has homed some nice builds

    Just helped my bro move his stuff into a Carbide 400R. Very nice case for the money.
  16. ^ yeah, am thinking of getting this if the SG08 ain't going to work for me.
  17. Thank you for B.a. man, are you going with the new case option or Ska vi Modska? :-)
  18. Nah im going to try to get a better heatsink and stay with air if i can for now i think il wait til i get a better upgrade like a new gpu or mobo to buy a new case.
  19. Good plan, use the time to read a bit more on W/c so that in future you are better placed to decide on parts then :-)
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