Motherboard, CPU, or PSU dead? (help)

Hello everyone! I have a quick question. Which of the three is dead? The desktop was working just the other night.

When I try to power up the desktop the LED infront of the desktop lights up. But the CPU fan and case fan does not even spin. So it doesn't even get into BIOS, all it does it the green led infront of the desktop lights up, I hear the powersupply's fan, nothing else.

I've tried to hot wired the PSU with a paper clip into the green+black with a hard drive, and it works it spins the hard drive etc.

I've tried to remove the CMOS battery for 1 min. Still doesn't work.


Specs are:
Motherboard: ASUS A8AE-LE
CPU/Processor: Athlon 64 3500+ (939 socket

Detail specs can be seen at
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    Your post suggests the PSU is the culprit. Considering that the 939 is roughly five years outdated, I'd be willing to bet that your PSU is just as old. If the fan at the back of the PSU is caked with dust, you should clean it.

    If the CMOS battery is old, it can also cause the problems you are facing. The average life of these batteries is three years. Try replacing the battery. You can pick one up just about anywhere batteries are sold.
  2. Oh wow, it was the PSU. Weird, I thought if tried the paper clip trick with the green and black holes, and if it turns on with the hard drive plug in means it still works, guess not.

    Thanks man!
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