Should I buy that new HDD?

Okay so the long and short of it is:

My desktop HDD failed. That's okay, since I have all my stuff backed up elsewhere and it was getting kind of small anyway.

I can buy a nice new 1TB drive for about 60 bucks.

However, at the end of this semester at college I will be studying abroad for the Spring semester. Since I live far away from my school, and I can't take the desktop on a plan when I go abroad, I will be taking all my stuff home in a car, to be stored there while I'm away.

After that, I get back for my senior year in college. I don't plan on picking up my desktop for my final year at college because:

1. That would be a lot of extra work to lug it back to college
2. It takes up a lot of room in my tiny dorm room, and honestly my laptop does pretty damn fine. I really only use the desktop for super super high end gaming stuff and media center.

So that means that even though this is an easy fix, in a couple of months my computer will be going into storage for about 1.5 years.

In that time range, won't prices for HDD go down a lot? Is there any point in buying it now, when I can just get it later?
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  1. I guess it depends on what your priorities are and how much your desktop means to you. If a 1TB HDD costs $60 now and costs $40 in 1.5 years time, is that worth it to you to be without the use of your desktop until the end of the semester? It's up to you really.
  2. Yeah, true true. I think what I am curious about is---- How much will the price decrease in 1.5 years time? This is my first time buying an HDD. My last one was a spare I picked off a friend.
  3. I'd suggest that you get an external (USB) drive for the time being to use. You can take it with you and when you return you can port over alll your data to a new HDD.
  4. you mean just use an external HDD to boot it? I think that would work fine actually since I have a 1TB HDD that I use for backup
  5. Sounds good. Thanks!
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