E8400 - Default Multiplier 8 + 0.5


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Initially the multiplier was at x8 in the BIOS, but I set it to x9 and it posted at 3 ghz, so I booted into Vista. Ran CPU-Z to double check that all was in order, only to find out that CPU-Z was showing that it was running at x6 multiplier and 2 ghz. This confused me, because the BIOS and Windows both show it as running at 3.

but the Sticky that Evilonigiri refers to
appears to be missing. :(

Anyone care to explain or refer to another sticky please?
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    what ur seeing in cpu-z is intels speedstep will throttle down your cpu to save energy if u put it under load it will go up to full speed this is normal
  2. Thank you thank you thank you :D
  3. no problem
  4. Speed Step can be disabled in the BIOS if you wish as well.
  5. really no point to disableing it it does not affect performance at all and it helps keep processor cooler and its the GREEN thing to do save power :)
  6. it does cause instability in higher OCs tho.

    My i7-920 at 4 Ghz will nuke when speed step is turned on since the OC is done via the bus and that is a hugely 50% OC
  7. that is true but for the modest overclock its fine to keep on
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