PSU Upgrade

If I currently have

would I be able to get a new one like this and have it work just as well - or better?


of the two which would be better, are both compatible?

Thanks a bunch for the input!
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  1. Corsair is much better so go for it.
  2. +1 Corsair, great quality PSU's.
  3. Cool, and the specs all match out so I shouldn't have any problems.. right?

    I know the 600w powered everything OK in what I have, so the 650w should be OK, but I also know the voltages and such are important, and I saw some differences which I am not sure exactly how they work and relate.

  4. Get the Corsair for sure.
    It is 80+ certified while other two have near 70% efficiency.

    Mention your full system specs....
  5. Yeah, sorry I was thinking about adding the computer specs, but wasn't sure if they were needed since I was just comparing it to another PSU

    The problem is that I can't turn the computer on to get all the specs and I built it a white ago so I'm not completely sure, but here's my best guess :-)

    Nothing special, but it can handle what I do with it!

    4GB memory
    ATI 2400pro vid
    AMD processor - 5200+ - I THINK... pretty sure it is a dual core... - I should remember, sorry...
    I tried to find out from my newegg and mwave accounts, but I don't seem to have all the info, which is odd... but I am fairly sure this is the mobo if not pretty close
    GIGABYTE GA-M57SLI-S4 nvidia nforce 570sli chipset serial ata300 ATX form factor 2xPCI-E(x16)/3xPCI-E(x1)/2xpci/4xddr2 w/sata2 raid,lan(gb),1394,usb 2.0 & audio (cpu type:amd - socket am2)
  6. Yeah, that PSU is more than enough for your system.
    Massive Overkill really...
  7. Avoid any PSU with a little voltage switch on it; at best it's an older, inefficient design. A 380W Antec Earthwatts for <$40 would power your system quite nicely.
  8. hmm really? 380w the 600w i currently have didn't last that long, I usually keep my desktop on close to 24/7.

    if I am off even a little in remembering I don't want to under power the system.

    If the 650w is really that much of an overkill I could go less, the nice thing about that 650w is it is cheaper, after rebates etc., then a 550w so I might as well go for the bigger and better, that way when I can upgrade my system I won't have to get a new one....

    Hmmm I could stand to not spend that much at this time though, maybe I will try and find something smaller...

    If I find something I'll post :-)

    Thanks guys, I'll be back LOL!
    OK that one is 430w - 51$ with shipping the 650w is 70 and I need to send in rebates and stuff, so that might be worth not spending the extra 20$ on...
    is 60$ plus 6$ S/H so for 10$ more I'd be better off with the 650w
    looks good 40$ no S/H I do have to send in a rebate.. not a huge deal.
    400w for 40$ no rebate to send in...

    I just am a little skittish after running my system with 600w and going down to 400w... but if I really don't need it, then saving 30$ is kind of nice...

    the first antec is 430w though, but for 20$... man I don't know lol... I use to love working on computers, but now... eh... lol

    Thanks, yet again, for all the input!
  10. $20?
    The sale must have just ended, it lists as $45 for me.

    No worries about running a lower wattage but higher quality PSU.
    Where low quality PSU's can almost never output their rated power, and what they can output is very dirty power, a high quality unit can easily handle more than their rated output.
    Of the PSU's you list, I would recommend the Corsair 400w.
    Excellent quality at a good price.
  11. Here's a review of The Corsair TX-750 (Performance Rating = 8.5)

    here's some other choice in that size range....

    Seasonic X-650 (Performance Rating = 10.0)

    Antec SG-650 (Performance Rating = 10.0)

    Antec Earthwatts 650W (Performance Rating = 9.0)

    Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W (Performance Rating = 9.5)

    Silverstone Olympia OP650 (Performance Rating = 10.0)
  12. The 430W Basiq is the only current Antec offering that hasn't gotten excellent reviews; the only Antec I wouldn't buy. The 500W Basiq is solid (although not 80+, so I'd skip it too).
  13. Thanks guys, I finally got the Corsair 400w, set it up and the fans and all start, but I have nothing else... Sooooo...

    I need to work on that!

    The only reason I didn't get back earlier was the day I was going to purchase the PSU my Laptop started (and still is) having problems! UGH I can't catch a break! LOL

    I appreciate all the input!!
  14. Alyak - Please go to Proximon's troubleshooting guide for addtional assistance:

    Scroll down that post and follow the links Proximon provided
  15. OK I will - Thanks!
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