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H80 temps? (not normal?)

Hello, i have just installed a H80, iwth its included thermal paste. My system specs are
2500k @stock mhz
16gb vengeance 1600 ram
asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
Gigabyte GTX 570
Haf 922 case
H80 cpu cooler.
While it is not overclocked, my idle temps are around 31-36 celcius. Is this too hot? I read alot of reviews which had the idle temps under 30, like 25C. However, on load at 3.4ghz, the temp is 44-51C.Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much.
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  1. Make sure you applied enough thermal paste, or use a different one. Needless to say though, load temps are obviously going to be a lot higher than idle temps. :P.
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    No, those are pretty normal temps. You have to remember, that air and watercooling can never go below ambient air temps, so it's very likely ambient room temperature was lower. This is one big reason...the other is- not all hardware performs exactly the same as someone else's.
  3. yeah temps are pretty normal, coming from an H50 user.
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