DVD ROM isnt readng the DVD

Recently, my computer stopped reading any CD's or DVD's. My computer tries
to load the disc but then just stops. When I go to My Computer it doesn't
recognize that there is a disc. Any help on what is wrong and what I can do
to fix the problem? Should i clean the lense or is it a problem in the driver.
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  1. Try to clean the lens. If it does not work check the to cable to your motherboard. if still does not work try to replace it
  2. When did it stop reading ? - was it shortly after installing a game - if so could be a securom issue - try downloading the securom uninstaller and have it remove securom from your system (securom has been known to cause some brands of DVD's to stop working properly !
  3. After that, try installing it in another computer. If it doesn't work there, it's obviously dead.
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