Can I dual channel 8gb by 2 sets of 4gb kits?

I'm not quite sure if this would work, but if I purchased 2 sets of 4gb kits (each kit has 2gb by 2), and install in all 4 slots - can I successfully achieve an 8gb system?
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  1. Yes, four sticks of 2GB RAM would equal to 8GB dual channel.
  2. If I wanted to still use the dual channel mode, but only wanted to bump up to 6gb of ram..

    Can I use 4gb on dimm1+3, then use a 2gb set on dimm2+4? Or will I run into complications in terms of cas latency, voltage etc?
  3. Possibly, I wouldn't know. But it should work fine for example, if you use a 2x2GB kit with say CL8, 1.6V, with an exact same 2x1GB version.

    For example, this:

    Although the 2x1GB does seem to have some issues with some boards.
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