Whats faster ssd raid or hdd

what would be faster 2 ssd in raid 0 for the os and a regular hdd for data ..or 2 large capacity hdd at 6 gbs in a raid o
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  1. Two SSDs in Raid 0 will be faster than two HDDs in Raid 0.
  2. SSD is always faster. Raid ssd is fast but don't have TRIM. However, TRIM is a window 7 and vista function only, so if you use window xp, raid ssd is makes no difference (I am uncertain about linux or fruit brand os, I think linux ike ubuntu have them and fruit don't? people with more knowledge on those os please correct me if I am wrong).

    I would suggest 1 fast ssd (as fast as you can get) and raid HDD (as many you can get in your budget).
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