My ddr2-800 OCZ/STT Ram

Hi I have a question about memory.

Background: I just took a look at my memory because I want to get some upgrades for my computer. I opened up my case and jotted down the serial numbers, both sticks appear to be ddr2-800 pc2-6400. One of the problems is one is OCZ Sli Ready ddr2-800, and the other is STT Super Talent ddr2-800 (it was rather odd that someone would use two different brands of ram on the same computer, but that's the way it is and it appears to be working just fine, or not...that's the way I received it when I bought it though)

Here's the question...When I open up cpu-z, the it says the ram only runs at 400mhz. Is this because the ram doesn't work correctly together? (My motherboard says it is fully compatible with ddr2-800 ram, but I do have two different brands of I was going to upgrade to ddr2-800, until I found out that I already had ddr2-800 installed, but it only registers as 400mhz in cpu-z (you know it could be fake ddr2-800 ram, some people play dirty in order to make more profit = (

Any Ideas? your help would be appreciated
oh, I also have one of those cheap PC Chips motherboards
The A15g v1.0 with phoenix award bios ver 6.00 pg running a AMD 6000+ Brisbane Dual core.

Thank You.
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    When CPU-Z says it's running at 400MHz, you'd have to double that because DDR stands for Double Data Rate. So you're fine.
  2. Sweet, I'll skip the ram upgrae then for an HD5770 = ) thank you
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