Good settings for my P55 UD3

I am not looking to overclock at this point, but I would like to optimize my P55 UD3. The bios is at the generic "optimized" setting. Could anybody give me a list of settings that will allow the board to run well. The system runs good now but I am sure it will run better when the system is fine tuned. I have heard about things like increasing my ripjaw voltage to 1.65, turning off the auto in order for turbo to run, etc. I am afraid to just dive in and experiment at this point. Any advise on this board would help. Thanks
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  1. ahhh - need specs!?!
    Little details like (but not limited to):
    CPU type
    Cooling, especially CPU
    memory type ('RipJaws' come in many, many part numbers :??: ) & quantity
    the more detail, the more help you'll be likely to garner [:bilbat]
  2. Here are some specs, i5 750, ripjaw ddr3 1600 pc3-12800 2040 MB x 2 CL9-9-9-24 1.5v, stock CPU cooling, barracuda 1TB HD, Nvidia 8800gt, Seasonic 520w PSU.
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