Hard Drive Setup for Video Editing in CS5

I'm building a new system for editing 1080p60p video through Premiere CS5. I am trying to figure out the ideal hard drive configuration. Right now I have 2 Crucial M4 128gb SSDs, though I don't have to use both. I also have about $500 to spend on storage if need be, though I'd like to keep it less.

So whats the best way to do this? I figure to use one SSD as the boot drive. Then maybe 2 HDDs in RAID 0 as a scratch disk. Finally, I need some type of solution for long term storage of the raw footage and final edit clips. Oh yeah, and some type of backup.

I've read everything about RAID and understand how each works and the drawback to each. Is it worth the headache? Does the plan above make any sense or does the community have any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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    For video editing you typically need storage that has fast transfer rates - so putting two or more high-density 7200KRPM drives in a RAID-0 set makes a lot of sense. Because of the reduced reliability of RAID-0, using it for scratch files is also smart. Your plan sounds sensible to me.
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