Is it worth it to go with the 4770 right now?

I am looking at the xfx 4770 card for about 110. I want to play games with 1680 x 1050 and have a price range of 100 approximately. I was wondering, should I buy the 4770 now and regret it later when the 5750 512mb comes out at 109? Will there be much differences among the two? Thanks for reply!
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  1. Right now FPS wise they are about the same FPS wise, dependant on the game I have a 4770 and am very happy with it. However personally i would go for the 5750 from the two but would really want a 5770 at that resolution.
    Anyway the 5750 Is a newer Tech with DX11 and it should get better with driver updates. ATI tend to focus more on the newer cards for improved driver support these days and on that score alone i would say its the way to go.

  2. +1^
    5750 is faster than 4770(not much but its faster) and it supports newer techs like DX11,eyefinity etc,so go for it if you can
  3. Since the HD 5750 1GB is selling for about $145 now, the HD 5750 512MB might be selling for $125 when it is released. I've read it should be coming out a few weeks after the HD 5750 1GB has been introduced.

    As long as you are willing to spend around $15 - $20 more for the HD 5750 512MB then wait. If not then just go with the HD 4770.
  4. See below review link which has direct comparison benchmarks between the HD 4770 and the 1GB version HD 5770. Generally speaking, the extra 512MB will only add about 2FPS when playing at less than 1920 x 1200 from previous benchmarks I've seen. Also, in more rarer instances, the extra VRAM can sometime reduce performance by 1FPS or 2FPS.

    The HD 5700 1GB is faster than the HD 4770 by a decent margin, but in a few case it seems to only perform as well as the HD 4770. Keep in mind that drivers are still immature for the HD 5xxx series so technically speaking, there is still room for some improvements.
  5. Relative performance comparison (in %) of the HD 5770 1GB vs. three video cards including the HD 4770 @ 1650 x 1080:

  6. Having the extra memory doesn't have anything to do with getting more frames per second. It has to do with being able to get smoother game play at higher resolutions and being more able to turn up the games settings. AA/etc. At 16x10 I wouldn't get a card with 512 memory on it. I've been down that road.
  7. ^-1 (thumbs are missing). At 1680x1050, I'm pegged at 60fps with a 512MB card (HD4850) and max settings. There are some recent articles on mainstream cards that indicate you can have enjoyable gaming on even lesser cards, if you don't use max settings on everything.
  8. Thanks for the reply, i decided to go with the xfx 5750 1gb for now. Thanks for everything.
  9. i have the 4770 and it runs every game i throw at it on highest everything, so it is great for the money
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