Samsung f3 raid 0 or 60gb SSD and 1 samsung f3

Hi not sure if to put 2 samsungs f3 in raid 0 because I already have 1 I just gotta buy another 1 or get a 60gb SSD and put that with my samsung F3 any help would be great I'm so confused
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  1. What are you trying to accomplish by adding another drive?

    If you need more storage space overall then Raid 0 isn't a great option.

    If you are looking for speed a 60gb ssd is going to be much much faster then 2x f3's in raid 0.
  2. Well a SSD will give you a huge performance, but it also will cost you more. You should get the crucial M4 64 GB it's around $115 but it can get as low as $90 sometimes.
  3. How do I put SSD with a hdd
  4. Listing your pc specs would help. I speciially need info in the motherboard. Btw, do you have the OS intalled in your current F3 hard drive?
  5. You should also check out this thread it has tons of info about ssd's
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