PowerColor AMD HD 6970
1000w CoolerMaster 80+ Gold
8GB 1600mhzCorsair RAM
Xion HP-1216B HSF

I've always wanted to overclock since i bought a overclockable system and i saw this "ASUS OPTIMAL MODE"? is it a stable safe auto overclocking tuner?

Should i update my BIOS every-time there's an update? i've checked ASUS Website and saw that there's a latest update on my "P8Z68-V-PRO".
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  1. Asus Optimal Mode is stable and safe to use. No, you don't need to update your BIOS every time a new version comes out. Typically, you only upgrade the BIOS is you are having a problem or add a new CPU that the original BIOS version doesn;t support (for example).

    Good luck!
  2. THANKS! <3
  3. BTW what GHZ does it go for? when i do ASUS OPTIMAL MODE? and what is its TURBO MODE GHZ? ^^ thanks in advance.
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