Overclock HD 4670 worth it?

Hey guys
Very simple question: is it worth overclocking my Sapphire HD 4670 ( 1GB DDR3)?

Specs are:
G31M-ES2L mobo
Celeron E3400 (running at 3.0ghz)
2x2GB DDR2 800mhz

I know my PC is rather weak but I'd like to get the most out of it since I won't be able to upgrade it for 2 years at least. It is used for gaming but I don't need hardcore graphics
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  1. Overclocking will pretty much always give you better performance, but that card is so old I'm not sure you'd notice. You may get a few more FPS out of games, but I really doubt it would be enough to crank up the detail any more than it already is.

    With hardware that far out of date, there's really not much you can do.
  2. Yeah forgot to mention I live in the middle of freaking nowhere. I got this Celeron like 2 weeks ago from a store and the GPU, which was bought second handed, costed the exactly the same.

    So I guess it's a lost cause...I'm just gonna have to wait until I get some more cash so I can upgrade this whole thing. Maybe getting a 7XXX and a Core i5 or something.

    Thanks for the advice anyway
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    while overclocking the GPU offers only a small boost, it is often noticeable (in your card you will gain about 6-7% performence boast)

    overclocking has very little impact on the GPU temperature when the card remains at the stock voltage (so overclocking on a videocard on a desktop PC is safe and recommended (the amd/ ati drivers will even do it for you (though not as good as if you were to manually do it)

    And as long as temperatures are not near the factory limits, overclocking is safe, just make sure your card dont cross 80°C, (70 is safest, 75 is managable and above 80 is red zone in mid to low range cards, but in high end some of them go to 100+ still safe for them as they are designed to run safely even on that hot)

    In short if 6-7% is not significant for you and there is no reason to Overclock it but at the same time there is no reason not to Overclock it either as long as its in safe Temperature.
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